MOTHERSHIP: HER/LA's Female-Identified Festival & Retreat in Desert Hot Springs, CA!

By HER/LA (other events)

Fri, Nov 4 2016 4:00 PM Sun, Nov 6 2016 12:00 PM

Tickets on sale now for the biggest women's festival in Southern California: MOTHERSHIP! 

About HER/LA: We created our first festival event in Los Angeles and had an amazing time connecting with feminists from around the world. We thrive on providing a platform for talented women to shine. This time around, we wanted to provide a longer & more intimate event. We wanted to combine our love of nature, women, and all things feminist, into one BIG FESTIVAL & RETREAT in Desert Hot Springs, CA.  

Entertainment & Amenities Includes: 


We've secured the back portion of a unique campground property in Desert Hot Springs, CA. MOTHERSHIP signs will direct you and your vehicle to parking and camping near the back of the campground. Check in opens on Friday, Nov. 4th at 4pm and closes at 12:30am *early arrival suggested*. Our workshops and live music kick off around 4:30pm.

Location: 71223 Dillon Road, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241

4pm November 4th, 2016

12pm November 6th, 2016

Parking is separate from our tent-camping sites. There is no car-camping. If you would like to car-camp (meaning have your car on a campsite), or plan to bring an RV/camping vehicle, you will need an RV pass. Our tent sites have drinkable water, electricity and picnic tables. Our check in staff will direct you to parking and point out our camping sites. If you are not parked in a designated parking space - we will kindly ask you to move. Please share the space, if you want to camp with friends it's fine to reserve a little room for them - but we are all in this together. Please be inclusive. Check out our packing list to make sure you are covered! We love pets, but animals are not allowed on-site. 

We will have 2-3 food trucks on-site per day and a bar in the evening run by our non-profit Happy Period. We suggest you bring cash. You are also encouraged to bring your own food & drink to supplement what is for sale on-site - particularly if you have any special dietary needs. No fires and no glass please. 21+

Self Expression: We encourage every woman to express themselves freely within the context of our temporary community. Please bring your art, your instruments, your costumes. YOU are a gift. 
Respect: We believe in showing a deep level of respect one another, our staff of volunteers and the space. Respect at MOTHERSHIP involves leaving no trace, listening to one another, and abiding by all rules and regulations. 
Inclusion: We want everyone at MOTHERSHIP to feel supported and included, we encourage your participation in our events and workshops. Be bold, be brave and be accepting.
Intersectional Feminism: We believe in organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests. We also recognize that women experience oppression in varying forms. Oppression is influenced by intersectional systems within our society such as race, class, & gender. Let's get together and smash the patriarchy, shall we? 


  • No open fires (gas camp-stoves okay)
  • No glass
  • No violence 
  • No fireworks
  • No Indoor Smoking
  • Limited parking, please carpool
  • Medical emergencies please call 911
  • Age 21+ Only
  • No pets
  • Please respect plants and wildlife 
  • Trash: please pack in pack out, and deposit all trash in appropriate bins
  • Ticket prices subject to change